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Hey! [Jul. 16th, 2007|09:26 pm]
DVD Buyers Anonymous
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Hey! I just found this com. through another one, and thought I'd say hey. This is my review LJ, feel free to check it out. I just started it, so I only have a few reviews, but as often as I watch/go to movies, I promise to fill it up more. Anyway hoping to meet some other movie buffs. I actually just bought some DVD's today and am wicked excited so here's the list:

Top Secret!
Nothing But Trouble
Lonley Guy
The Money Pit
Bachelor Party
The Burbs
The Distuingushed Gentleman
Harlem Nights
Amityville 4
Poltergeist II
Poltergeist III

All if it was under 65 @ my local, and very favorite, CD Tradepost. Some of my very favorite titles, EVER [The Money Pit in particular]. CD Tradepost is the ish if you haven't checked one out, do it!